Linguistic animation training

Training Course : French-German linguistic animation training

  • Date : from 16th to 21st of June 2018, in Camaret-sur-mer (29)

Contribution to the costs : 160 euros + 20 euros membership of our association.

Description :

The linguistic dimension has a very important role during international exchanges. Language animation is a method that helps to communicate in spite of cultural or language barriers. It gives the chance to have an introduction to the other language in a funny way through non-formal learning, and it’s part of intercultural awareness. The context of exchange has to be an opportunity to motivate a great linguistic and intercultural learning.

This training helps to answer to answer to these questions that are asked during an exchange :

  • How to deal with the linguistic dimension during an exchange?
  • How to support verbal and nonverbal communication?
  • How to stimulate linguistic and intercultural learning?

We will be also discussing about the role and possibilities of linguistic animation according to the different kind of situation and the target group.

This seminar is made of different phases : reflection about methods and practices, experiences, theoretical and methodological contributions, creation of new tools.

This training course is adressed to thoses who already have practical experience as a group leader of intercultural exchanges, willing to gain knowledges about linguistic animation.

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